Hair Control for Hair Loss and Balding

Hair Control

Penetrates the epidermal scalp as vasodilator and reacts with AMP cycle hair follical, mainly in amp cycle. The AMP cycle converts it into ADP, then the ADP cycle converts into ATP which releases the sufficient energy to stimulate matrix cells

In a metabolised process, it activates and produces hair follical after one week from application of the Hair Control treatment, the baby hair will start to appear in the epidermal surface.

Frequently asked questions when buying Hair Control treatment

Does Hair Control treat all types of baldness, especially the inherited ones?

Yes, 100%; all types of baldness, especially the inherited ones.

When would the hair start to grow?

The hair starts to grow in the first week of treatment. Small hair starts to appear after one day, by the video microscope apparatus.

Does response to growth differ from one person to the other?

Yes; it differs from one person, to the other; for the following reasons:-

(a) The period of hair fall out:- whenever this period is nearer, the growth would be quicker. For example, the hair which falls out in a year’s time would grow in a period of two months to three.
(b) The age:- Hair grows quicker in youth; and the opposite is right.
(c) Sex: Women’s hair grows quicker than that of men; and the white people’s hair grows faster than that of the Africans.
(d) Hair growth is slow with person who suffer:-
1- Diabetes disease.
2- Anemia.
3- Psychological disorder, with the continuous effort in mental thinking

AgeNumber of weeks

Are there any side effects of using Hair Control?

No, there are no side effects of Hair Control. You will only feel slight itchy in the bald or weak-hair places. This is a positive indicator for the beginning of the action of Hair Control in encouraging the bulbs to produce a healthy hair.

Does Hair Control cure the titter phenomenon?

Yes; it does, specially the local titter and the common titter.

Do I stop using Hair Control after the full growth of the hair?

You can reduce its use only, for protection. For example, if you used the preparation daily, you can use it every three days per week.

Does Hair Control cure dandruff?

Yes, it removes dandruff completely from the scalp, then from the rest of the body.

Is there an inheritance factor for baldness?

There is no direct inheritance factor for baldness.
The proof is that the scientific research centres and the international pharmaceutical companies had searched for the inheritor which causes baldness, but did not find a strict proof that baldness is inherited.

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